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Global SKILLs

Hi there and Welcome!

This is me on the front door step of my 'Movable Tiny House' (MTH) which is a solidly built home permanently attached to the trailer underneath.

For 2 years (2017-2018) it was my dream - to buy and live in a movable tiny house (MTH)...

And for well over 2 years now (since January, 2019), I have been in my home and my haven, my Tiny Nest Retreat.


During the pandemic, it's also served me well as a lock-down site!

And it's where tiny circles begin for me!

Come on over...

                      Come on in...virtually!

Join me as we get acquainted and explore together 'all things tiny' including tiny lifestyles and how to build sustainable, diverse tiny communities...


For 4 years now, I have been gaining experience, building a network of specialists, and wanting to get started sharing from my experiences, perspectives and resources I have gathered for all things tiny.

And I just kept waiting til I was ready...

    til I knew how to handle the tech side... til I had time to do it...


But recently through interacting with others in the Tiny House Movement nationally and internationally, I have been inspired to "JUST DO IT" and follow my 'all things tiny"  visions and dreams including beginning to share more widely!

                         SO, I decided to go ahead and yes...

                                   JUST DO IT!!


                                              SO, what will this space BEcome?!

1)  the place to be introduced to Global SKILLs-TinyCircles 


2)  a starting point for my sharing about all things tiny

3)  the launch pad for my TinyCircles blog

4)  the stepping stone to several tiny living related instagram  albums I intend to launch

5)  ...and mayBE much more!


                      Stay tuned and come back often to check out what's happening!

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