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Connect: 1/13/21 ~ Midmonth RAP session

Greetings and Happy Midweek, And it’s almost mid-month - this year is already flying by!

For each midmonth Connect post, I plan to continue revisiting cross-cultural topics we’ve begun to explore together - going deeper and wider. In Global SKILLs training, coaching and mentoring, this type of ‘ever more deeply’ exploration includes what I call “RAP” sessions (“Review and Planning”) and they are a regular part of each program plan.

SO, for this week’s RAP session, I want to go deeper ‘linking’ what we began to explore last July in terms of the value of LINKs in our cross-cultural communications and communities, with what we considered last week about cultural legacies and traditions (7/8/20 and 1/5/21 posts here). Recognizing that establishing networking and resources LINKs is a solid practice, and affirming that looking back enriches and empowers our looking forward, I’d encourage you to consider the value of regular RAP sessions.

Many business cultures worldwide, even if they have strategic plans in place, are dominated by the press of daily activities with the flurry of unexpected developments and squeaky wheels which need ‘immediate’ oiling. Work flows from one topic, or project, to another often neglecting this important strategic RAP step. The thinking is, “Oh, I’ll get to documenting that at some point...but for now, I have to start right in with (such and such)...” Sound familiar?!

This tends to happen especially at the end of projects (or years, as in this period of time right now!), if a RAP session has not been planned.

On the other hand, regular RAP sessions give us, as workers at all levels, the timely gift of resources, knowledge and networks gained from links just forged as well as insights gained from experiences just shared. All this leads to more effective work, step by strategic step!

How about for you - what might a RAP session look like for one of your projects - this week? Share this with a friend or with us here...and check out the LINK below for a special offer!

Until next week, Betsy

Global SKILLs LINKs - Grab your FREE RAP gift!

~ if you’d like to experience a Global SKILLs RAP session, contact me and I’ll offer you a 1 hour session - for FREE!

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