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Beach walking

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Today is going to be a BIG posting day...

To start off, I'll explain my photo which I chose for this blog profile because life happens and sometimes it helps to step aside and reflect, which is much of what I'll be doing in this blog. and it's often what I do when I go beach walking...

Between sky and sand and framed by the endless expanse of water, I find space for renewal and yes, good exercise! Depending on what's going on in my life any given day, and on the weather and water conditions, I'm able to wrestle through thorny questions as breakers come crashing in, or find calm and comfort as ever shifting tides lap the sand.

Taking a moment here to reflect back on beach walking moments through the years... This walk took place on the beach in a West African village called Malika, on the Atlantic coast just a few miles north of Les Almadies, a rocky outcrop which is the western most point of the African continent. I was out with friends, enjoying the fresh air and finding sea treasures like a bizarre looking eel fish and a few shell treasures.

Other beach walking I have done includes

~ also on the Atlantic, during childhood summers spent on Cape Cod and occasional weekend trips out to the New York or Jersey shore; and then (on the other side of the pond, as we say) in Senegal, West Africa where I've lived and worked for over 4 decades, and actually kept an apartment right on the beach for 2 years;

~ on the Gulf of Mexico during frequent visits to Sanibel Island in Florida, one of my American home bases;

~ and on the Pacific and Mediterranean coasts, during occasional work related or vacation visits.

Living inland right now in central Florida, sitting here in my tiny house retreat, I've actually had a few refreshing moments looking at this photo, documenting these memories and yes, doing a bit of mind's eye beach walking!

Try might like it!

Doesn't have to be beaches (my son never did like the sand...) - it can be maybe woodlands, or urban neighborhoods, or where-ever you find refreshment. Take a break, go there (really, or virtually or in your mind's eye)...and then, share what you find - here, if you like, or with someone I have done with you. It's yet another way we can sustain our own wellness..and reach out to help build community!

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