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Where have YOU been?

As promised yesterday, I'll give you a brief summary of the past 2+ years for me...see below.

But first, for today's Covid19 navigation kit, I'll note for today's reflection that thinking back over your own recent history might be a good exercise as you

~ re-evaluate and restructure your personal and/or professional world

~ make decisions and choices partially based on daily facts, changes and restrictions coming from outside you...

but for you to remain sustainably healthy,

~ make decisions and choices also based on your own beliefs, desires, needs and abilities.

So, where HAVE you been lately?!

For me...

The previous blog before yesterday's, in August 2017, was just a week before several huge crises and transitions impacted my life, starting with Hurricane Irma.

On Sept 10, 2017, Irma smashed through the entire state of Florida, leaving me huddled in a closet riding out the storm and an aftermath with extensive damage. Two days later, my Dad passed away as a direct result of having been evacuated during the storm and then returned to his nursing care facility under reduced capacity conditions (including no AC in sweltering heat and humidity). It all was very traumatic, made more difficult by the fact that, during the following year as we all struggled to regain our footing, my Mom's health declined. I was blessed to be able to aid in her care giving until she passed away peacefully in Oct, 2018.

Loosing my two beloved parents in such a relatively short time, and adjusting to life without their presence, really threw me for several loops. Although I was able to keep up somewhat with family needs and with my business projects, I fell far short of connecting with my existing and potential future Global SKILLs networks, including being totally unable to move forward with plans to establish a strong online presence!

2019 saw yet another huge transition for me which included selling my condominium and purchasing and settling into a tiny house on wheels (THOW) - you are either familiar with these from the tv coverage or you can google it! Major downsizing comes with this lifestyle change, and that's been a focus for my own stuff as well as my parents remaining stuff. Phew...a lot of energy has gone into sorting! As well as making two moves with my THOW.

Through it all, and during several particularly stressful seasons, my whole tech experience was another major time, financial and energy consumer. Twice, in Dec 18 & in June 19, my computer crashed and my phone died within days of each other, necessitating days (and for some things like my contact list which got lost) months of device and data recovery!

BUT, and this is a very big BUT, thankfully life goes on, we come to that proverbial light at the end of such tunnels and now, even in the midst of this horrific pandemic, I do hope to reconnect and move forward together...

It's your turn...looking forward to hearing from you!

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