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Navigating Covid-19...One tiny step at a time

I'm back! Wow...and yikes!

It's been a very long time since I have been on my website myself...much less engaged here with you all out there! If you'd like some of the details of my personal journey (which has obviously not included keeping my website up to date!) during the past 2 plus years, check out my next blog post...

But moving forward with the purpose of this new section - you guessed it - I am pretty much self-isolating in these early days of navigating Covid19, and yes, as part of that journey, I am going online in renewed and new ways!

So...allow me to introduce you to

GlobalSKILLs Community-Wise: Navigating Covid19, one tiny step at a time

Global SKILLs is my consulting and training business.

Community-Wise is one sector of my business with a focus on community activities like the 'Growing Healthy' seniors group I have worked with for the past 5 years and the 'Lakes Park Community Garden' project I worked with for many years.


Navigating Covid19 is my commitment to myself and to you, for as long as is needed, to build and participate in a healthy, sustainable community not just surviving but thriving as this pandemic impacts us and our world. I'll be doing this through regular posts here in my blog; by gathering and/or creating resources and tools to share in my Global SKILLs LINKs section; and by responding to and interacting with all who choose to participate however that works, here online or maybe by phone or email.

One tiny step at a time is actually part of the focus of my Global SKILLs-TinyCircles sector, but I'll be using it here as well because it really helps in difficult, potentially overwhelming situations to just take one tiny step at a time!

Today's tiny step for me is to commit to begin this today!

My longer term goal is being here regularly for the foreseeable future posting things which I hope are helpful to you and which serve to draw us together as we all experience living through this global pandemic.

"Why one more thing to read?", you might ask.

Fair question.

And my response would be first and foremost a rather selfish one - that it's good therapy for me!

But I'll quickly add, that it could also be good therapy for you!

** For me personally, everything I'll be doing with these posts are healthy activities for those in crisis, or so 'they' (the experts) say and so I have experienced myself over the years. ** For you, as I model doing these, if you choose to visit from time to time, perhaps you'll find and decide to explore new ways and means you too can to stay active, engaged and healthy.

So, it's not just one more thing to read!

It's about engaging, thinking, reflecting, exploring, interacting, learning,

questioning, caring, supporting and 'just being together'

Today's Tools and Resources:

My current list of personal crisis coping strategies through these posts include:

~ committing to a regular activity as we all establish 'new normals';

~ keeping my mind active by learning something new through researching, writing and sharing the content;

~ giving myself regular creative treats (yes...this isn't going to be all doom & gloom - we get way too much of that already as we try to keep updated, but sane)

~ interacting with those of you who visit and choose to respond

Try out one of more of them and let us know how it's works, or maybe doesn't, for you!

I look forward to hearing from you.

~ share with us here how your journey is going

~ let me know how I might better serve you through these blog posts: based on your expressed needs, I can find resources and/or develop new tools and share them.

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