midweek Connect: 4/28/21 ~ the 3rd Cup of Tea

Greetings and Happy Midweek,

In our quest for all things cross-cultural, this week I’d like to invite you to reflect with me on aspects of a strategically integrated PROgram - which is one of 3 pillars to effective cross-cultural communications and global community building. From our Global SKILLs PROACTive learning strategies perspective, this type of PROgram is the 3rd “PRO” component, following learner PROfile and PROcess (these two were introduced briefly in the December Connects - see 12/2 and 12/9 posts here).

To explore key aspects of strategically integrated PROgrams, let’s visit a Senegalese Tea Drink - which is a delightful variation of a cultural event celebrated daily throughout Africa. The tea drink lasts between 2 and 3 hours, takes place usually in the shade often with everyone sitting together on a large woven mat and involves preparing and drinking 3 cups of tea - each with its own special characteristics. The whole event is ‘steeped’ (pun totally intended!) in cultural insights. Today we’ll linger on the 3rd cup, which illustrates the PROgram component nicely.

After the first two cups, during which those gathered arrive, settle in and enjoy some initial refreshment, the third cup is the one over which they will linger. In this cup’s amber depths, we find an extra sweet, smooth drink inviting each participant, as they sip and savor the tea, to engage more deeply in the conversation, thus connecting them more closely with the community around the mat. And so it is with well designed, strategically integrated PROgrams - which fully engage participants who have been (as with those first 2 cups) appropriately prepared and equipped to come together and fully collaborate through the PROgram’s strategically integrated stages toward achieving goals which are mutually beneficial for everyone involved..

How about you ~ what kind of cultural event have you attended recently which drew you in, to linger and engage with the gathered community?

Share about that with a friend or note it here.

And what of cups 1 and 2, you might ask? Stay tuned, we’ll enjoy them together in future weeks!

Check out Global SKILLs LINKs below for more on the Senegalese Tea Drink, and other similar tea-centered events from around the world.

Until next week,



Senegalese tea drink:

Japanese tea ceremony:

And from other places around the world:

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