Midweek Connect: 12/9/20 - You’ve got mail!

Global SKILLs midweek Connect: 12/9/20 - You’ve got mail!

Greetings and Happy Midweek,

“Tis the Season” as they say here in the States, and part of the celebration for some is sending and receiving news and holiday greetings.

That made me think today about the aspect of Global SKILLs PROACTive learning which I call PROcess, which includes a focus on how things are, or can be, done strategically and effectively. Culturally, the process of communicating over distances happens in a myriad of ways. Age old traditions (of writing letters, sending news via a courier or using a tam-tam) and more modern methods (texting or SKYP-ing or zooming) all have their place and purpose.

Then too, word of mouth can still be amazingly effective! Through the years, I often marveled at, what we called in English, the ‘grapevine’ - referring to how word travels from one place to another, usually orally - between where we had lived in the village and, several hundred kilometers away, to the city. Sometimes within fewer hours than it took to drive, someone would have heard of something which happened in the village. This was pre-telephone, much less having any kind of internet did they do that?!

Now a days, I do once again marvel at how word travels - in our digitally connected global communities. I can be on the phone or computer in meetings any given morning, communicating with contacts in France, India, Senegal, and (today, for example) Mongolia!

Depending on where you are and what the message is, choosing the appropriate method of sending that news so it arrives safely and coherently is an important part of the PROcess of communicating effectively, isn’t it?!

How about for you - what is one favorite method for your PROCess of communicating during the holidays? Take a minute and share about that with a friend or share it here...and be on the look out, because I imagine, one way or another, that you’ve got mail!

Until next week,



Here’s a pretty awesome example of communicating news, from thousands of years ago!

And here’s a wonderful example of multi-sensory the great outdoors:

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