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Midweek Connect: 12/16/20

Greetings and Happy Midweek!

And it’s also mid-month once again, when (as part of our community building dynamic) I revisit a previous post and update it, share what others have added or go a bit more deeply into a topic we’ve begun to explore.

This week, I thought I would fit this into the third Global SKILLs PROACTive learning focus which is on PROgrams and look at how we can combine insights from our learning PROfiles and apply our strategic learning PROcess to design and implement sustainably effective cross-cultural PROgrams.

Building on last week’s “You’ve got mail” topic, several visitors to the blog post shared additional thoughts and insights into their own communication strategies and preferences, which are based on their personal learning and/or working PROfiles and their chosen business PROcess (

I’ve also been going a bit more deeply in recent months with this topic via a relatively new (at least for me) dynamic of participating in online communities which are bringing together people from all over the world. Since I am not a big fan of social media in general (part of my PROfile!), I find participating on a regular basis (my PROcess) in these online communities provides an excellent arena for a strategically integrated PROgram of pursuing shared interests, networking and multicultural community building.

The resulting experience reminds me of a pleasant combination of attending an international conference (with all its new connections and resources) and hanging out with friends while collaborating on a project (with all its rich give and take resulting in mutually beneficial goals pursued and met)! As a reasonable opportunity for this world while we are in pandemic mode, and an increasingly popular sustainable virtual alternative to in-person connections, the online community model is also breaking down spatial and financial boundaries which to date have prohibited many from connecting globally with others in their domains. Great example of "Win-Win" multi-cultural PROgramming, I’d say!

How about you - are you participating in any online communities or other ways to connect more deeply? Take a minute and share with a friend or here some insights you’ve gained or pros and cons you have experienced.

Until next week! Betsy


One domain of personal interest as well as professional pursuit (with my Global SKILLs-TinyCircles activities) which I have shared about in previous Connects has recently seen several online communities launched in which I am participating regularly.

Check out this one, if only as an example of what an online community looks like and can provide:

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