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GS Connect: midweek message: 8/5/20 ~ One tiny step at a time

Greetings and Happy Midweek!

If your week started out like mine, you might be ready to call it quits and fast forward to a weekend break! That said, I’d like to refresh you today by offering a strategy from my Global SKILLs- TinyCircles service, which comes to you from an integrated personal and professional space.

Personally, as some of you know, I made a drastic change just over 18 months ago when I purchased and moved into a ‘tiny house’ nestled in an emerging tiny house community in central Florida. This transition was the exciting culmination of several years of research and work toward my ‘tiny’ move. It also was the beginning of what I like to call my ‘all things tiny’ lifestyle. I have (for the most part) thoroughly enjoyed settling in to my 200 square foot tiny haven, learning how to cook on a one burner countertop stove and bake in a tiny oven, figuring out how to organize my ‘stuff’ into very limited space and creating a sustainably functional home/office combination in which I live and from which I work.

Professionally, part of that work has been the creation of Global SKILLs-TinyCircles, which has as its mission to engage and empower people in ‘all things tiny’ including creating strategically integrated, affordable tiny communities. As I have become active in the tiny living movement here in the US (which is growing by leaps and bounds in part due to the universal housing crisis…) and as I’ve explored existing ‘tiny living’ models worldwide (see the LINKs below), I am increasingly convinced that for many if not all of us, exploring and choosing versions of ‘all things tiny’ which fit our needs and goals can be at least very healthy, possible life-sustaining and definitely fun! I am going to be developing the TinyCircles space on my Global SKILLs website in coming weeks, so check things out there (see the LINK below).

What I offer for your consideration today is one tiny living strategy you can use daily, and at times hourly, which I have found very helpful in recent months and to which I am literally clinging this particular week. I call it simply “one tiny step at a time”.

As life has thrown us all so many curveballs lately, as so much of what was familiar and comfortable has completely disappeared and as uncertainties continue to loom with daily crises banging on our doors and hearts, I can confidently tell you choosing to take one tiny step at a time, personally and/or professionally, REALLY works! It empowers me to stop getting overwhelmed by next week’s eventualities, to take detours around the challenges blocking my planned route, to manage the unmanageable levels of stress the pandemic generates, to pause for a moment’s reflection about what to do ‘just’ next, to take a few restorative deep breaths and then yes, to move forward one tiny step at a time.

Try it - I’m pretty sure you’ll like it!

Let me know how it works, share how to do it with a friend or colleague…

And have a great day - taking one tiny step at a time!

Until next week,



Check out the beginnings of my Global SKILLs-TinyCircles website space

And explore these General Resources (which are part of my go-to list for those interested in exploring and/or getting involved with "all things tiny"):

Tiny House Alliance of Southwest Florida - a Facebook Group dedicated to informing and supporting anyone interested or engaged in tiny living, started in Southwest Florida but with a growing membership, representation & reach nationally and beyond - I’m the co-founder and co-administrator of this group;

Tiny House Lifestyle - a free collection of excellent interview podcasts covering 'all things tiny', hosted by Ethan Waldman, a leader in the national tiny house movement;

Tiny House Blog - one of the longest standing resources for all things tiny here in the US, connected with the excellent (subscription based) Tiny House Magazine

Tiny Home Industry Association / THIA - a professional network and advocacy group offering membership services and also lots of free resources

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