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Global SKILLs Re-Connect: May 7th, 2020


I hope you had a good week and are staying well and safe as we all move forward with coping in the midst of this pandemic.

I sent a reconnecting greeting to many of you last week - thank you for your responses. Somehow my contact list got corrupted so if you did not get that re-introduction and greeting, I'll be happy to resend it or check it out here in the blog (May 1st). And if you would like to be removed from my contact list, I'll be happy to do that - just let me know.

As part of my celebrating the 10th anniversary this year of my business, Global SKILLs, and building community as I move into my next decade, I want to establish more consistent connections with my network. Given the challenges we all face these days, I've decided to send weekly notes to encourage, support and perhaps inspire you. I have personally found having others reach out during these times of isolation and uncertainty to be very helpful, so I decided to do a little of that myself!

Global SKILLs has a number of what I call 'hubs' and one of them is my "Community-Wise" hub. The 'spokes' of this hub include several long-term community-based projects which focus on 'growing healthy'. A new Community-Wise initiative I am setting up is called "Out my Window". We all have windows out of which we gaze, don't we?! One way we can connect with each other and others we don't yet know is to share what we see and experience 'out our windows'. From time to time, I'll be choosing and sharing images from my home base, and my travels and work in diverse cultural settings. These can serve as a jumping off point for your own reflections and creative responses to your experiences.

My first offering is this photo which I took 'out my window' this morning. Did you see and enjoy this awesome May Flower full moon this week? It was so beautiful, especially in the dawn sky...I never realized moonsets could be as remarkable as sunsets! This fullest of full moons traditionally heralds springtime and new life and growth...let's all take a moment this weekend and reflect on one way we can enjoy some growth and new life, looking beyond our locked down conditions to a future as bright as that full moon was.

Have a great week and let me know what you see 'out your window'!


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