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Global SKILLs Re-Connect, May 22nd, 2020 - Reaching Out

Greetings and Happy Memorial Day weekend!

I hope you had a great week and were able to ‘stay safe and well’. As the US slowly re-opens here and perhaps the same is happening wherever you are located, I suspect we all find ourselves making daily choices of what our own strategy is going to be as we balance re-entering public life with our daily routines and work. Many, myself included, are continuing to be extra careful by remaining pretty much self-isolated until we know more about what we are dealing with in terms of the actual virus and then too in terms of how effectively the systems being put in place to protect everyone are going to work.

But in the meantime (and as I sometimes think, these times are particularly mean!), let’s also continue to connect with each other in our personal lives, our communities and our business networks, reaching out to those in need and not hesitating to seek support when we need it.

That’s one important dimension of what we here in America celebrate on Memorial Day. Historically, it’s been a day to reach out and solemnly commemorate and honor those who served their country by giving their lives through military service.

I think this might be about to change and starting this year and moving into the future, those commemorated on Memorial Day might include another category of citizens. In recent months, and sadly we can anticipate in coming months, their lives are being given fighting an as yet ‘unseen enemy’ in an insidious type of guerilla warfare for which we have neither been prepared nor are able to deal with effectively, as yet. This time, along with our military in some cases, our front line warriors have been people from all walks of everyday life - public employees, first responders, police and firemen, educators, business owners and employees providing essential services, and health care workers of all kinds. Each one of them has reached out beyond themselves into their communities, ‘just doing what they do’ and ended up making the ultimate sacrifice.

These folks, at least to me, are fallen heros who we should both commemorate and honor…

So, who might you reach out to this weekend to do just that?

Thanking each of you for what you do along the way,

I’ll be in touch again next week! Betsy

Celebrating Global SKILLs 10th Anniversary by...Reaching out!

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