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Global SKILLs Re-Connect, May 1st, 2020: May Day

Greetings and Happy May Day!

You are receiving this message because sometime in the past decade (!), I interacted with you personally, and/or professionally through Global SKILLs, my business.

Perhaps we connected at a conference (ACTFL, OWL, CLLC, LTE, CERCLL, NEMLA, NECTFL,I S-LSP, ICLL,…); or through a collaborative program or project idea (ILR, ICCT, BU, Middlebury College, Franklin and Marshall College, NOVA, SOAS, ANSWFL, Baobab Consulting, CIEE,...); or we met at a networking event or on a forum (ATD, SWFLScore, TrainingMagnetwork,TH Engage, WomenMakingWaves,... ); or we did a course together (FGCU, MRTP, MDoc, ELT, Diversity MOOC …); maybe even we met through a friend of a friend (CorpsAfrica, AfricAid,...)

However it happened, I have your email in my Global SKILLs archive...and I’m taking this opportunity to wish you a very special May Day Celebration!

In these difficult and uncertain times around the world, I encourage you to take at least a few minutes today and treat yourself by doing something which brings you joy and peace. Maybe that’ll include taking in the fresh breath of spring arriving at your doorstep (since May Day is traditionally a seasonal welcome for all things spring) or stoking the passion of a work related cause (since May Day is also internationally recognized as a day for workers to let their voices be heard). Do take some time to dance around with bouquets of flowers or raise your voice for that cause you support...or both!

I hope you have a great day and it leaves you feeling refreshed.

And speaking of celebrating and being refreshed…

This is a very special year for me as I celebrate Global SKILLs 10th Anniversary!

Since I highly value connecting and networking (as you can see above from some of the places and ways I have been doing just that for the past decade!), a few of my 10th Anniversary Celebration goals are to “reach out, reconnect, refresh and renew”. As part of that effort, during the month of May, I’ll be increasing and sharing Global SKILLs’ online presence through social media (mainly LinkedIn and Instagram). And I’ll be sending a series of emails...

  1. Reaching out to you to find out how you are faring, personally and professionally

  2. Reconnecting with you to explore our mutual points of interest and our current needs to see if we can collaborate

  3. Refreshing you by serving as a resource for multi-cultural strategies, tools, tips & trends

  4. Renewing our individual and commonly shared visions and energy to move forward in these troubled times as the world around us changes in ways none of us ever imagined.

Along the way, I look forward to hearing all about your current efforts. And I’d love to share the innovative ways Global SKILLs is working to meet the needs of learners world-wide.

If you’d like, we can then explore ways we can work together...

So, please do respond and let me know if you’d also like to reconnect.

And stay tuned...I’ll be back in touch.



Elizabeth Barbour

Director, Global SKILLs

Browse around my website (which is going through a major refresh). Connect with me (Elizabeth Barbour, Global SKILLs) through LinkedIn.

Also, if so desired, feel free to signal you’d like to be off my email list. No problem and if that’s the case, I wish you the best in all your endeavors!

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