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Global SKILLs Re-Connect, May 15th, 2020: Tech hells & heaven

Greetings once again!

This is my third message in the past several weeks to reconnect with you and others in my Global SKILLs network. If you did not get one or the other of the first two messages, let me know. And if you did get them and respond, and did not get a personal response from me, please resend your message. In my tech challenged world here, I lost several of the responses in my original threads. And if you'd like to be removed from this list - no problem...just let me know!

Ah yes, tech challenged...ever feel that way?! How about literally burning out my cell phone battery because I've been using my mobile hotspot too much? Or starting a video call when I was not at all presentable because I haven't figured out my new phone's video process yet? Or mistakenly adding gross emojis in several text messages before I was able to delete the emoji function completely from my keyboard?! All this and more happened to me in the past few weeks. Never a dull tech moment, that's for sure.

But - oh the wonders which tech offers us as well! Participating in virtual meetings attended by thousands globally, including dynamic sessions with like-minded professionals in India, Africa, Europe...visiting daily via video chat with my first grandson, born in February and living in PA...having fun helping a friend in Senegal learn English via WhatsApp calls. There's no limit...

Definitely the agony and the ecstasy..

Take a minute to reflect on one tech hell you've been through lately and redeem it with one great tech moment you've enjoyed...and share those with us all if you like!

My personal tech triumph today is opening my first two instagram accounts - one of which is a continuation of what I shared last week 'from out my window". So, head over to instagram, and check out betsybarbour2020...I think you'll find me there! And if you've never done instagram, it's pretty user-friendly - now might just be the time to get started.

Have a great week...

And stay safe and well!


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