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Global SKILLs midweek Connect: July 29, 2020 ~ 2020 Vision and HOPE

Greetings and Happy Midweek!

It being the 29th and ‘half’ way thru the week…marching through 2020!

I thought I’d start a conversation about ‘numbers’ this week. Welcome or not, they dominate our daily lives, where-ever we are, whatever we do - don’t they? And my goodness, they can be both challenging - and empowering.

A simple numerical ‘challenge’, and perhaps a helpful global community insight to some, is that most of the world writes dates as ‘day/month/year’; however, in the US those same dates are written as ‘month/day/year.’ So, for example, I (from my American perspective) was taken aback last fall when I thought I booked a flight on October 9th, but on the ticket I saw I was to depart on ‘9/10/19’ = September 10th. Yikes! Did I miss-book the flight?! Happily, the important thing here was the airline, which happened to be Air France (not an American carrier) - so, yes, I was correctly booked - to travel the 9th of October (9/10). Phew!

Now, moving along, how about an empowering number - like 2020?

Granted, for some, it’s a year to get over and forget...and I totally understand this sentiment, given how hard it’s been. But I’d like to offer some 2020 HOPE as well!

I embraced 2020 back on January 1st as a year with great potential - simply because of its numbers, which signify ‘perfect vision’ in American English. Since in my opinion, Vision and HOPE go hand-in-hand, I work pretty much daily on my 2020 Vision for my Global SKILLs planning and work, holding (at times, yes, somewhat desperately) to the HOPE I do see. For example, in how innovators are moving forward worldwide and also in some of my own Global Skills initiatives developing as pandemic silver linings (Connect, July1st; see the Links below; let me know if you’d like more details).

For this week’s Connect activity, I invite you to consider your own 2020 Vision, latch on to some HOPE therein and move forward, step by tiny step, toward fulfilling that Vision. Share it here or with someone in your circle...and, HOPE-fully, have a great week!



One of the most inspiring series of weekly online presentations which I’ve been attending since March has been hosted by This interactive series has been keeping us updated on the covid situation in Africa and presenting each week creative responses to covid’s impact in all sectors. I would highly recommend the series recordings which are happily available for free here:

Check out also:

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