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Global SKILLs midweek Connect: 9/30/20 ~ So very moving...

Greetings and Happy Midweek!

And it’s already the end of September, leading us into early Autumn. How time flies. And the weeks fly by also. I didn’t send a mid-week moment last week. I explain why below. Nor did I respond to those who connected after my last moment - I appreciated your sharing and will be in touch soon...

I chose the theme of ‘moving’ for this week’s moment because it’s been very much where I have spent my time and effort, and not a little anxiety, these past two weeks. I actually didn’t notice I’d missed sending the mid-week moment until about Friday, I was so busy with details for the move! I’ve mentioned in previous ‘moments’ that I own and live in a tiny house built on wheels. Well, those wheels (and my house, and I - in my car) took to the road this past week, and traveled from Florida to Pennsylvania...1000+ miles. Very ‘moving’ indeed.

In addition though to literally ‘moving’, I have found myself emotionally ‘moved’ so frequently in recent months, often by the stories of trials and tribulations, and occasional victories and celebrations, this on-going pandemic has brought our way.

People in different cultures experience being ‘moved’, literally and figuratively, in different ways. I’d like to propose though that universally, even as a major physical move includes prep time and unpacking time on the other end, so when we hear or read a story which ‘moves’ us (to laughter, or to tears) or personally experience being moved by something or someone, it’s great (although not always possible) if we can prep for it (like choosing to read a story which sounds uplifting, or one which we think we might relate to) and it’s helpful to ‘unpack’ how we were ‘moved’ afterward which helps us process impact, and place the experience or the story in our mental archive for future reference.

If we take time to debrief a ‘moving’ experience cross-culturally with someone, we and whomever we interact with, just might come away with a better understanding of what is or was or could be ‘so very moving’!

What do you think? Have you had a moving experience recently, or heard or read something which really moved you? Share it here, or with a friend...and take note of possible cross-cultural insights.

Until next week!



Travel - shaming and shameless: how some are experiencing “moving” around during the pandemic

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