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Global SKILLs midweek Connect: 12/2/20 - Multicultural Learner PROfiles


Today, after attending an awesome virtual event yesterday, I decided to focus on the first of Global SKILLs PROACTive strategies - which is all about Learner PROfiles. Starting with the core affirmation that we are all learners, no matter what role we play in any given context, part of what we cover in our training under this broad learner profile topic is how various communities have contributed to forming what we call an individual’s “Personal Learner PROfile’.

The event yesterday was a 10th anniversary celebration for the African Diaspora Network/ADN. This is a group I have followed for several years and which I highly recommend as a ‘go to’ resource for wonderful examples of and opportunities for community building and interdisciplinary collaborative initiatives by Africans, people of African descent and ‘friends of Africa’ worldwide.

ADN's celebration highlighted one extremely diverse community and how it has built a huge network, contributing to numerous individuals' and communities' learner profiles as they have become ‘informed, engaged and active’ (ADN’s 3 pronged focus) in the global African Diaspora movement.

I was so inspired and encouraged by this event, and the many shared testimonials, because, as I constantly explore my own learner identity, it met me in a place where I have struggled at times with the impact of my being an Africa-based, and more recently US-based, ‘third culture adult’ (which I shared a bit about in my message last week

What I love about the ADN, witnessed yesterday and every time I participate in their community, is that I feel very comfortable, ‘right at home’ amidst others who are also, in many different ways, Africa-focused and Africa-engaged.

This is a valuable insight for me which, in the ways I interpret it and apply it to my current and future learning and teaching, becomes an integral, dynamic part of my Learner PROfile.

What about you? Are you inspired and encouraged by any particular community which, you might realize, has contributed to your Learner PROfile?

Share about that with a friend or here. I’d love to explore this more deeply with you!

Until next week,



~ Interested in more about ADN? Check out A great resource, as both an introduction to the African Diaspora Network, and a call to action!

~ Interested in more about the concept and models for Learner Profiles? Check out

~ Interested in more about how Global SKILLs includes Learner PROfiles into an integrated multi-cultural learning model and strategies? Contact me!

2020 - Celebrating Global SKIlls 10th Anniversary Connecting, Collaborating, Cultivating Community

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