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Global SKILLs midweek Connect: 11/4/20 - Reflecting on opportunities

Greetings and Happy Midweek!

It’s a pretty tense period of time here in the USA as we wait to find out who will win our Presidential election…so, in this mid-week moment, I thought I’d help lower my own stress level and perhaps yours, wherever you are and whatever you are finding a bit tense lately! One strategy I find helpful when I get tense thinking about anything is to refocus and reflect on opportunity. I ask myself, “What does this situation (past, present or future) and its impact (real or imagined) offer in terms of opportunity - which can energize, inspire, or just relax me a bit?

One example of a cross-cultural opportunity I often recall involves a gentleman I met years ago in the Jola village in southern Senegal where I lived. A western person might consider this man to be someone with very little opportunity - he lived in a relatively remote village without ‘modern conveniences’ or access to formal education.

Ah, but in his particular case, he did not let these factors stop him! Instead, this man had taken the opportunity he had (the example from another villager perhaps, or from something he saw when he had traveled) to learn about growing citrus. And not only did he have a beautiful fruit-laden citrus tree in the middle of his courtyard - it had not one but three types of citrus on it! He had not only learned to grow an orange tree, he has learned how to successfully graft in other types of fruit (not a simple task) - so mandarins and a different type of orange also grew on that one tree! Despite his humble surroundings and lack of formal training (limited opportunity, yes - in the eyes of some), this man was in fact a skilled farmer, proudly showing me the ‘fruit of his labor’. I was so inspired...I still am, recalling that experience!

How about you - have you seen someone else take advantage of an opportunity which inspires you...or have you yourself done something to that effect?

Share that with a friend, or here in this forum, today - and be lifted up in the recalling of it!

I’ve added several other examples of opportunity takers in Global SKILLs links below. Enjoy!

Until next week,



“Splashing out” video (see file below) - My uncle shared this video with me just this morning...and I love how this young person takes the opportunity to express himself and his unique artistic gifts. If you think he’s just throwing around paint...hang in there beyond the first few seconds of the video - you will be amazed! (see mp4 file in email)

Seizing the opportunity to use an existing skill in a different context to meet a need

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