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Global SKILLs midweek Connect: 10/15/20 ~ Revisiting Cross-Cultural Dynamics

It’s also mid-month once again. I decided each mid-month to revisit previous posts and update, share what others have added or go a bit more deeply into a topic we’ve begun to explore.

In August, we did a midweek Connect moment considering the practice of bartering (Aug 12, Let’s continue that topic in light of the Economics Nobel Peace Prize Award recipients as announced this week. The Prize was given to two economists who have contributed to how “Auction Theory” can be applied in 21st century innovative ways, potentially serving indigenous communities for example. This intrigued me as I had never even heard of Auction Theory but with what little I know of auctions, I could not imagine initially how this could contribute to world peace. So I dug deeper! Check out this link for more details on the Theory and some interesting cross-cultural applications:

Continuing on this ‘cultural insights into finances’ track, there is always more to dig into when it comes to ‘numbers’ (expanding on my July 29 post on 2020, or as the NPR show Money Market puts it, “Let’s go to the numbers”). I was happily introduced recently, and have begun to follow, a very interesting and unique financial writer, who by the way for those of us ‘into’ languages, started out as a Latin teacher! If you too would like to better understand what’s happening on the US, and for that matter world, financial stage - meet Matt Levine!

How about you...any ‘delving deeper’ insights on either of these topics, or other previous mid-week moments, you’d like to share?

Thanks for being part of this growing community. I’d love to hear from each of you!

Until next time!



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