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More MOOT - Care to CLIL?

This is #2 from my MOOT adventure...are you familiar with CLIL?

Moodle Moot Virtual Conference (MMVC) 17: Reflective Practice

Participant: Elizabeth Barbour

Reflective response: 2 of 10

1. Session details

Title: Techno-CLIL in the 21st Century School

Date: August 4, 2017

Presenter: Letizia Cinganotto & Daniela Cuccurullo (LeDa)

2. Session description: A brief intro on what CLIL (Content & Language Integrated Learning) is & then focusing on the link between CLIL and technologies to improve the quality of education in the 21st century school.

3. Connection with other participants: I participated in the chat… and I felt like I was “connecting” figuratively with those who have developed CLIL and with much of what was being presented as the CLIL pieces came together since I have used this framework without even knowing it was an established framework!

4. Questions you have going into this session:

a) What is CLIL?

b) How does CLIL interface with Intercultural Competence?

5. How did the content relate to you as a teacher and/or learner or individual? As I understood what CLIL is, I saw that it is something I have used all along in my various learning and teaching contexts since I always seek to integrate content and learning. Having several CLIL frameworks explained, along with Marsh’s CLIL trajectory, were helpful to me as often I find I am doing something (like CLIL) but I don’t have the background to tie it into a broader theoretical or research context. The digital considerations were also applicable as I work with learners of all ages – and all levels of attachment to their devices (from no interest at all to heavy addiction!).

6. What were some of the thoughts that went through your mind as you watched the presentation? I was glad to be exposed to yet another perspective/framework/model…but I always am a bit hesitant when something new comes up because I want to know more about it and see where it ‘fits’ into what I already know to be of value.

7. How did you feel as you watched the event? If you felt good, what made you feel good? If you felt discomfort, what made you feel discomfort? I felt quite satisfied that I am implementing some of what was being presented, and interested to see some new frameworks, tech insights (“screen-agers” as a different take on digital natives, for example…) and ways to use tech for CLIL – like learning diaries

8. What challenges might you encounter in implementing some of the ideas? CLIL was totally new to me, so I was trying throughout the presentation to ‘get the ball rolling’ for how I could use these new ideas and connect them with other things with which I am familiar like IC, and like ACTFL’s tools…

9. What steps can you take to resolve the challenges? I think it’d be interesting to compare ACTFL’s 5 proficiency competences with Fullan’s 6 C’s of education – the challenge I find with learners is always to cover everything (like these essential components) in as simple and balanced a manner as possible. I can try out the new tech resources also.

10. What would you like to do in the future as a result of what you heard, read, saw? I want to look at the learning diaries resource. I also want to look more into some of the other frameworks.

11. Write a question or 2 that you would like to research (look into) as a result of the event.

a) How is CLIL being used elsewhere in the world? I see there was another session on CLIL, in an Indian education context, which I didn’t attend. I have down loaded that PPT and will review it to gain more insight into these topics

b) I’d like further explanation of Hattie’s “Visual learning” continuum from low to high impact, and how that relates in general to CLIL & what I am doing…I can look it up online perhaps

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