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New process – making progress!

We are more than half-way through August…and my new website is far from more that half-way complete. I am keeping my early September official launch date in view…but also staying flexible – as all good intercultural activities must be – flexible, right?!

Since I switched website providers and am learning WordPress as I design my new site, progress is slow partially because there is a lot of process that needs daily attention. Progress (the finished product in this, and any effort) is highly valued by us all, of course…but the process is also worth our attention.

As those of you with whom I have worked already know, this ‘process-progress‘ focus (paying attention not only to progress but also to process) is something I emphasize with learners through Global SKILLs training. When we take responsibility for our process, we are more aware of and in control of learning new skills, identifying goals and prioritizing time and activities to keep us on track toward the progress we want to make.

And ALL of that process is well worth the effort! For example, my processof doing the website designing this month will prove valuable to me well beyond my immediate goal of getting the site up and running. Alongside a nice new site, I’ll have the skills I need to maintain and constantly improve this and other future sites I work with. My progress toward my launch goal is one step for this month – but my process will take me much further!

What process and progress are you paying attention to these days?

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