Global Literacies – 2 centuries worth!

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to be part of an international Global Literacies Team which we formed last spring and which is working together on a number of exciting projects.

The whole matter of 21st Century Literacies is one of interest to many lately. The American Council for Teachers of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) is spear-heading one initiative exploring literacies in our ever-more connected global communities, including expanding traditional definitions of literacy beyond reading and writing to include digital literacies. This initiative is hosting our Global Team and other teams from universities and school districts across the US. Stay tuned for more information on this as our projects develop.

In the meantime, here is a podcast my son, Justin Hopkins, and some fellow doctoral students created for one of their course assignments. It was done in 2014 and discusses my own diverse literacies activities over the years (much of them with 20th century technology!)

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