An international table!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a Chinese Moon Festival celebration in my town. I sat at a table with a wonderful group of folks – some I already knew and most I had just met. Thinking afterward about the great time we all had together, I tabulated our combined ‘diversity’ and came up with: two American sisters with Pennsylvania-Dutch roots (one, a journalist; the other – retired), our Chinese hostess (a Chinese teacher) & her husband (also a Chinese teacher but a Florida native – probably the only one in that room!); a Mongolian linguist now studying accounting and her husband, a Jamaican nursing student; a Chinese IT specialist now studying for his GRE & his son who is studying English and Spanish as a freshman in high school; an American from the eastern US who was with the Peace Corp in the Pacific and is now International Services Director at our local University; and me with my African roots!

And what did we talk about as we ate red beet eggs and moon cakes? Living in a yurt and the difference between life among the Amish and in an African village, and how spicy Jamaican chicken and rice really is. How very lucky we are – to be global community builders!

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